Why is change so difficult?

Because we want to know why it’s worth while. As with all new things, transition takes effort, even for organisations and teams that are eager to change. They often lack imagination of what it will be like, once their idea will have become reality – what the world will look like when they will have succeeded in their work. In short, why it’s worth the trouble to let go of „the old“ and let „the new“ in.

This is why we build a bridge: with transition experience design. Together with you, we co-create an experience of this future reality. In order to make your vision tangible and easy to communicate, and to familiarize with „the new“ in a meaningful way.

Why it’s worth it

What is sustainability, really?

The world around us is shifting. So are the priorities that enabled our society to believe in ever increasing wealth, and our economy to generate growth for decades. Many organisations are now struggling with future proof decisions, and with defining their role in a future society. How can they contribute to making a good life possible for coming generations? This is all the more difficult, because any unfamiliar scenario is intimidating, even if we approve it.
This is why we make desirable futures tangible with you – to create a vision that will guide you.

Visions enable change

With us, you will get a glimpse of the world you are striving for. From our clients, we get the feedback that experiencing their vision helps them to…

  find partners and supporters
  provide employees with a mutual aim
  make the right decisions
  overcome setbacks

Transition Experience Design

In order to convey your vision to others, we co-create narrative material in an agile process, making the best thinkable future tangible today. How will our daily routines look in a  post growth society? In a neighbourhood sharing common property? In a school with a deep democratic approach? We don’t do science fiction but show the effects of change on a future reality. This has the power to change perspectives and create long-lasting memories.

Where will your vision lead you?

Discover it in our workshop on narratives.

In order to get to know each other, let’s co-create narratives for your vision. This workshop is geared towards organizations that have ideas about the measures to take, maybe even a strategy – but lack a clear picture of what the future will be like for the stakeholders once the work is done. What are the daily routines about? How does it smell, sound and taste? In this workshop, we set out to learn more about that specific future through stories. We apply proven international methodology mostly unknown in Germany. In the end you’ll receive a documentation of the results.

Who we are


Ella Lagé is an experienced digital pioneer, service designer, campaigner and team lead. For her, it was one small step from “user experiences” to “transition experience design”: Both approaches radically focus on the needs and desires of individuals. Anticipating and planning experiences requires empathy, which she also applied as a facilitator in innumerable workshops. Previous clients include: German Telekom, O2, Vodafone, VW, SAP, Siemens, Universal Music, Gruner+Jahr and the football club 1. FC St. Pauli.

Ella Lagé

Creative Explorer


Lea Sauer is a cultural scientist with an MBA in entrepreneurship. In 2006, she came to realize that one can change the world by claiming utopia: Together with others she legally squatted a vacant prefabricated slab at the Polish border and transformed it into an international student residence. As an assistant director, she coordinated technicians and creatives in film productions and at the Bavarian State Opera. She knows exactly what needs to happen before the curtains rise or the clapperboard claps.

Lea Sauer

Dauntless Door Opener

Among others our network consists of
Reframe Videos high-quality (short) films
Magdalena Schnitzler director, actor
Anja Meta Meyer production design, photography
Stephanie Maile casting
Realities.io real places in virtual reality
Studio Neue Museen exhibition design
Beamaround lighting & video design
Markus Beckedahl, journalist for digital present & future
– and many others.

Our Partners

Our customers say

To tell the story of our most desirable future unfolded a fascinating virtue: the mere imagination of this scenario brought it much closer, into our grasp. With this, the path to take us there suddenly became obvious. If this was the effect on us – how would others react? We immediately wanted to make this into a film!

Lena Marbacher


Throughout the cocreative process our whole endeavour developed in an unexpected and valuable way. With their presence and safe guidance, Transition by Design sparked our passion and ability to follow new chains of thought. Their repertoire and provided formats really extended our horizon.

Kai Schächtele